Soul Provider: Conversations with my cat

Sanctuary: The will to live... The courage to love

A remarkable story of healing...

After nearly a year of aggressive and debilitating treatments for stage three breast cancer, enjoying life again was all Jody hoped for. Ironically, the hardest part of her journey had just begun.

She was three weeks into her six weeks of daily radiation therapy when a very important person in her life passed away and she couldn’t be there to say goodbye. One week later, a dear friend (diagnosed three months after Jody) was gone. Additionally, Jody’s life partner continued to battle symptoms from a traumatic brain injury sustained from a car accident two years prior. And if all that wasn’t enough, her boss just informed her that she no longer had a job  to come back to – they needed to move on.

Unable to talk about her feelings, but desperately needing to express them, she turned to painting.

Soul Provider takes you through the creative process that helped Jody express her pain, find comfort in her sorrow, and ultimately heal her soul.

What feels like the end... is often the beginning

Jody Sims’ new book, Sanctuary, is in many ways, a sequel to her award-winning book “Soul Provider: Conversations With My Cat.” 

After difficult life-changing events, Jody found herself struggling to embrace her new world.

Miraculously . . . everything began to fall into place after a chance meeting with a special cow.

Sanctuary is not only “where” Jody found herself again, but it is also “what” she was ultimately seeking.

Through her unique and inspired portraits, Jody has connected to the undeniable oneness of all sentient beings and to our basic need for love, compassion, and sanctuary. 

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