Reviews and Testimonials

Super Sweet Story

“Jody Sims is a talented artist. Her story is enjoyable and her paintings are beautiful. The book, although at first seeming to be something for a child, is anything but. It is indeed a picture book, but it is so much more. It’s a reflection of a remarkable journey, not only for Jody and her spouse, but for the animals who have each been rescued and loved. Through these rescued animals, Jody was inspired to live and love again. Through this quaint little story, the author expresses the importance for animals to be able to live long and happy lives, unharmed, just as any of us deserve. Thank you, Jody, for your book, Sanctuary, and for motivating me to have compassion for not only people who are hurting, but animals as well. Super sweet story.

– Patricia Bell, Readers’ Favorite

Something for Everyone

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading your new book. I loved every single painting and every single word. The art you create is multidimensional yet whimsical; sophisticated yet simple. The animals are alive with personality. There is something for everyone in your work.”

– Toni Fornasier, Cornwall, CT

A Lighter-hearted Quest for the Future

“Book lovers often try to find the authors hidden in fictional works, guessing which characters most resemble their creators. Other books lay their authors bare, their raw experiences revealed with hope – for understanding, compassion, shared enlightenment.

It is the latter that motived author and artist Jody Sims to write and illustrate “Sanctuary.” Her new book is a sequel to “Soul Provider: Conversations With My Cat” a 2014 Nautilus Book Award Winner.

From the dark stages of grief for what Sims and her partner lost, emerges a lighter-hearted quest for the future in “Sanctuary.” While there might always be a cloud or two, Sims’ story is one of self-healing and compassion, inspired by the rescued animals found in her paintings.

The book’s message is simple and clear: Sims hopes that her readers will understand these creatures represent all sentient beings, how we treat one another, and ideally what we could become.”

– for “Gay San Diego magazine” by Kit-Bacon Gressitt, who writes commentary and essays on her blog and is a founding editor of

Brought Me to Tears

“Jody’s book, Sanctuary, brought me to tears.  Tears that filled my eyes but never fell.  It wasn’t crying, it was welled up emotions that came right to the surface.  It was everything within me leaping.  I felt the heart of Jody, the pain she was leaving behind, the joy of the animals, and the pounding of my own heart wishing everyone I know and love could read these words and feel these same emotions. 

The only way this gifted writing could be made more special was for it to accompany Jody’s beautiful illustrations.  You can hear the animals talking even without the written words, because she completely captures their essence in the paintings.  This book is filled with peace and hope and it left me filled with joy.”

– Becky Mink, Knoxville, TN